Thursday, March 11th, 2021: RebusFarm News

Itoo Forest Pack 7 now supported

The Rebus 3ds Max Render Farm has added support for the brand new release of Forest Pack. In order to avoid any possible backward compatibility issues during the rendering process because of the new many features added on Release 7, we decided to do the adaptation per user. So if you do not have Release 7 already or you can't currently upgrade because you are in current production, don't worry you will still render with Release 6. However, if you could upgrade to Release 7 we will need you to inform us so we can add you to the list of users that are able to render with that version. In the future, this process is to be automated, but so far we need you to let us know which version you are using.

Forest Pack

Forest Pack version 7.0.5 for 3ds Max 2021 was added for versions 2014-2021 of 3ds Max. Please remember to inform our support to add you to the list.