June 19th 2015: As of now RebusFarm supports GPU rendering

We received a lot of requests about GPU rendering and why we don't provide this service.

Following an intensive period of development we are happy to announce that we can now provide a GPU solution consisting of 7 GeForce GTX TITAN Black GPUs. Currently we support 3ds Max with iray on our GPU hardware.

The workflow is the same as our CPU render process. You prepare your scene and do the smartcheck. If you defined iray as your Renderer, the Farminizer will ask you during the smartcheck if you want to render with CPU or GPU. After that you can send your render job to the farm as usual.

The development process is still in beta testing, but no errors have occurred during numerous tests. If you notice any problems please contact our support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During the beta phase our GPU rack costs 2.70 € per hour.