Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021: 3D Community News 

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Adnan Chaumette from Polygonflow announced a user-friendly scattering tool compatible with Autodesk Maya called “Ecotype.” It is part of a companion app for the GraphN tool, which is called GraphN Library.

GraphN tool bridges the gap between art and tech, as it gives you a visual coding interface that allows the artist to create the device they want with zero coding knowledge required.

Ecotype is free. It comes with GraphN Library, and it is effortless to use; some of its capabilities are:

  • Easy to access from Maya with a very intuitive interface.
  • Drag and drop scattered objects from Maya's shelf to the tool.
  • Speedy real-time interactive results.
  • Sliders interface for easy use.
  • Directional masking, mask by angle, invert masking.
  • Spline masking, masking by the border, and volume masking.
  • Add Multiple Scatter objects with different settings.

You can try early access for GraphN tool for the Beta version for free, or you can get it with two types of subscriptions, Personal Plan (8 USD per month) and Studio Plan (50 USD per month.)

Enjoy this 7-minute tutorial that deeply describes the abilities of the fantastic Ecotype tool:

Polygonflow is a software development company based in Östermalm, Stockholm. Its mission is to create next-generation tools that give you access to the best creative workflows straight within your 3D software or game engine.