Friday, June 18th, 2021: 3D Community News

Autodesk 3DS Max 2022 Update 1 features

Autodesk released the 3ds Max 2022 Update 1.

3ds Max is an essential tool for 3D artists to create content and to beautifully present the final product. Many significant improvements have been materialized to several modifiers for an easier workflow and always responding to community demands. Let's see them in detail below.

Faster Smart Extrude.
Significant performance improvement to a selection of faces with Smart Extrude. Now, meshing operations are really faster when you work into geometry (Merge, cut & restitch.)

Smooth Modifier.
The Smooth modifier can now clear all Normals and Smoothing Groups data when applied to an object. Now, with Smooth modifier is easier to apply new data for final production and maximize your productivity.

Deformation Modifier.
2 to 4 times faster workflow due to performance improvements on modifiers that deform meshes and utilize Explicit Normals. (Skin, Path Deform, Bend, FFD (all types), Mirror, Noise, Skew, Taper, Twist, Affect Region, Linked Xform, Melt, Skinwrap Patch, Spherify, and Surf Wrap.)

Symmetry Modifier Update.
After customer feedback, you can now adjust the weld threshold used to merge vertices along the cutting plane above or below the 0.01-unit default threshold. This enables you to fill gaps along the mirror axis.

New Selection Filters for Editable Poly and Edit Poly modifier.
Requested by games and VFX customers, you have two new Optional Culling selection filters, Backface and Ignore Occluded, have been added and the Selection Rollout for Edit Poly modifier. When enabled, you will only select vertices, edges, polygons that are visible in their view. In addition, Target Weld and Bridge poly functions have better performance with these options enabled.

Restore Factory Settings & Startup Failure Recovery.
A new Restore to Factory Settings button has been added to the General Preferences tab to let you restore 3ds Max default settings from within the software if you experience unexpected UI behavior or performance issues.

For More you can visit the 3DS Max Webiste.