3D Community News | Monday, 08 May 2023
ArtOfSoulburn - Composition Types

Neil Blevins aka ArtOfSoulburn has published a 20-minute video discussing the importance of using tried and true composition techniques to create visually appealing artworks.

In trying to find good compositions using all of the various techniques, like Compositional weight, Focal Points, Contrast, etc, you tend to come across the same general sorts of compositions again and again.

And while we all want to make innovative stuff, there's nothing wrong with the foundation of our compositions being based on tried and true formulas.

After all, the reason they work is because the eye and brain process visuals in a specific way, and these sorts of rules have been proven to work well with the human brain for thousands of years.

So why wait? Instead, check the video and start rendering!

ArtofSoulburn is the Youtube channel founded by Neil Blevins, dedicated to the education side of things in CGI.

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