3D Community News | Thursday, 22 September 2022
Arch Viz Artist - Corona Render Settings for animations in 3DS Max

Arch Viz Artist released a new super-useful tutorial about render settings in Corona Renderer for animations in 3DS Max!

Enjoy watching Aga explaining step-by-step all the things that really matter in properly fiddling up animation settings in Corona/3DS Max.

Surely, all of us would benefit from using the tips and tricks from this tutorial.

In this video you can learn:

⏱️ Timestamps
0:00 Corona Render Settings
0:27 Saving Files
0:50 Rendering Limits
1:23 Denoising
1:40 Global Illumination
2:00 Rendering on RenderFarm
3:05 UHD Cache Settings
3:21 Precomputation: Calculate from scratch
4:45 Precomputation: Load from file

Enjoy watching this awesome video tutorial now!

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