Thursday, December 23rd, 2021: 3D Community News 

Anderson Rohr - Re-Creation of Bad Moon Rising song using Omniverse

Anderson Rohr, a 3D generalist & video editor from Brazil, has recreated "Bad Moon Rising" using the power of Omniverse (Audio2Face), with RTX 3090 and MetaHuman.

Anderson Rohr created a lip-synced cover of "Bad Moon Rising" the 1960s anthem from Creedence Clearwater Revival, with the help of Nvidia Omniverse and its Audio2Face AI-powered application. He used an RTX 3090 GPU to generate expressive facial animation from a recorded video of himself singing.

Thanks to the power of Nvidia Omniverse, he managed to render the animation in real-time, which would have taken 300 hours to render in other software.

Enjoy watching this amazing creation below:


Anderson Rohr is a Brazilian 3D generalist and video editor who is specialized in cinematic animations with a Bachelor's Degree, Audiovisual Communications Technologies/Technician at the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Unisc) / RS - Brazil.