Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022: 3D Community News 

ActionVFX - 49 free snow textures

ActionVFX has recently shared with the CG community a pretty nice snow textures pack for free.

The package consists of 49 textures of snow for ground and other various surfaces. Footprints, tire tracks, roofs, handrails, and more.
All images include a pre-keyed Alpha Channel and they have 2K and 4K as 16-bit PNG images. The 2K version can be downloaded for free.

Download these 49 free snow textures HERE.

You can also join thousands of others by subscribing to their YouTube channel for more valuable VFX and filmmaking content.

Enjoy watching this less than 1-minute demo video below:


Action VFX was founded in 2015 in Johnson City, Tennessee, for the sake of providing high-quality visual effect assets, combining their love for filmmaking with technical expertise. They have more than 4,700 elements ranging from explosions, water, fire, smoke, debris, particles, energy, and much more!