May 11th 2015: RebusFarm now supports progressive rendering for V-Ray

As of now RebusFarm supports progressive rendering for V-Ray and 3ds Max. It's an entirely new way to render Vray images and animations. This way you can define render costs for your job before starting the rendering!
When exporting your renderjob to RebusFarm you can set the desired passes quantity (quality level) and the maximal costs that you want to spend for this rendering. Your job will be rendering until either your defined passes are completed or until your maximum job costs are reached.

Let's assume you need an image and use the following settings:
Set up job to render a maximum of 100 passes and 5 Euro maximal job costs Either you'll get back 100 passes for less than 5 Euro or you'll get back the best possible quality for 5 euro with less than 100 passes.