Tuesday, May 30th, 2022: 3D Community News

4pixos Academy - Corona 7 & 8 Live Session

4pixos Academy has recently shared, with the ArchViz community, an informative live stream related to Corona Renderer's 7 - 8 Update. One and half hours are divided into two parts, the 1st one for Corona 7 and the 2nd one for corona 8.

The key points it covers for Corona 7:

  • Corona Physical material and how to set it up correctly.
  • How to change between roughness mode and glossiness one.
  • Difference between metal and nonmetal-ness modes.
  • New Physical presets for setting up material with correct physical parameters.
  • Clearcoat layer, how to use it to give extra reflection layer on the surfaces.
  • Surface imperfections (smudges, scratches, dust residue) with the clearcoat layer.
  • Clearcoat application, for creating a varnish layer on top of the wood.
  • Sheen Layer for fast fabrics material creation instead of fall-off map mixes.
  • Always use IOR 1 with a sheen layer to get the correct fabrics.
  • Corona PRG Clear Sky model (more natural sunsets).
  • Volume effect to achieve fast realistic fog in your scene.
  • Altitude feature to create a more natural blue sky for realistic sunsets.
  • New Bloom and glare effect improvements.
  • Caustics improved model for fast realistic caustics.
  • UVRandomizer, to randomize UVs and get rid of tiled patterns.
  • How to correctly set up the randomizer, and its different applications.

The key points it covers for Corona 8:

  • The newest assets browser, “Chaos Cosmos”, is easy to drag, drop and snap to a surface.
  • Corona Decals, how to apply setup correctly on different scenarios.
  • New Chaos Scatter, for distributing objects, trees, grass, and all types of vegetation.
  • Splines exclude lists to create pathways in “chaos Scatter”.
  • Newest tone mapping, explaining new interface and how to use it.

We encourage you to watch this useful video tutorial below:

Meet the Presenters.
Dexter Nguyen is the founder and creative director at 4pixos Studio, and also a certified instructor at 4pixos Academy based in Vietnam.
4pixos Studio was established in 2012, specializing in Architectural Visualization, and with a large number of clients in New York, London, Sidney, and Budapest.