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Unreal Engine

  • Thursday, 17 August 2023

    Dive into a world where the extraordinary becomes real, where innovation merges with imagination, and where boundaries dissolve into thin air. Enter the realm of Unreal Engine, a game-changer that transcends entertainment and reshapes entire industries. From healthcare to architecture, education to automotive design, Unreal Engine's impact stretches far and wide, igniting a creative revolution that knows no limits. 

    Brace yourself for a journey where reality blends seamlessly with the virtual. If you are familiar with a render farm, you must also discover the mesmerizing influence of Unreal Engine on industries beyond your wildest dreams. Below, in this blog, we will talk about the industries that had been impacted by Unreal Engine. Let’s dive in.

    Unreal Engine 5

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  • Thursday, 20 July 2023

    In the world of filmmaking and television, storytelling is a complex art that continually changes to engage audiences in creative ways. Throughout time, directors, producers, and cinematographers have explored different methods to involve viewers deeply in their stories, resulting in unforgettable experiences. 

    Among these techniques, the "Volume Technology" has emerged as a captivating visual 3D controlled space creating 3D modeling scenarios for films and TV series to replace the famous green screen. In this article below, we will explore the history and techniques of the Volume Technology in films and TV series. We will delve into how this approach has transformed storytelling and its impact on audiences worldwide.

    The Volume set for The Mandalorian
    The scene is developed within a controlled environment, it is feasible to create extremely detailed and realistic environments. (Source by

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  • Thursday, April 22nd, 2021: 3D Community News

    William Faucher - How to give your renderings a cinematic look

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