RebusFarm's 3D Artist of the Year 2021!

This year comes to an end and so does our 3D Artist of the Month contest, It is time to know which is the art piece that reached the hearts of our jury and our RebusFarm Community. The battle is finally over and we announce our imminent winner.

We thank each and every one of our nominees, for inspiring us, for participating in our exciting contest, and most of all for becoming an essential part of our Rebus Family. Every single piece was the star for a whole month and gave life to so many emotions and excitement. After trying to choose the winner of the contest, not without difficulty, our amazing jury and community deliberated that RebusFarm's 2021 3D Artist of the Year is:

 Jack Malone with his 'Olakunde'

3D Artist of the Year 2021



The winner receives 500 RenderPoints worth 500 Euro to explore our massive computing power of thousands of CPUs and GPUs through the cloud.


Hossein Yadollahpour

Hossein Yadollahpour
January 2021

"I gather data from reference images, videos, Google Earth, climate information, culture, or architecture of the area. If there is a movie in the region or local music that can help a better understanding, I will immerse myself in that."

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Alexey Ryabov

Alexey Ryabov
February 2021

"I knew I wanted to do something unusual from the start. When I started brainstorming - going through orchestras, concerts and instruments – I eventually landed on the unique aesthetic of Rammstein concerts."

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Alfa Smyrna

Alfa Smyrna
March 2021

"I am a fan of minimalism, not only in terms of visual design but as a lifestyle choice. Not strict minimalism, ascetic sense, but what I call soft, warm minimalism. Simplicity, and honest, natural materials."

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Jack Malone

Jack Malone
April 2021

"Africa is home to such rich and diverse aesthetics, it’s really fascinating. With 54 countries in one continent and even more cultures, there are so many different and unique visual styles to be discovered!"

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Fadi Alsharif

Fadi Alsharif
May 2021

"A bedroom is a place where you relax, so I wanted to visualize a corner that highlights this subtle coziness. It is the part of the room where you would sit back and enjoy the sun rays on a lazy Sunday afternoon."

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Amanda Kedzierska

Amanda Kedzierska
June 2021

"This space was to neither fully belong to the real world nor to the unreal but to exist in balance. Interiors should evoke the full range of emotions, including those commonly considered undesirable"

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Fathy Ibrahim

Fathy Ibrahim
July 2021

"To live up to the name of ‘White Garden’: our goal was to make the restaurant-goers feel surrounded by nature in every square inch. Blend natural and light colors, so shades of browns complement the vegetation"

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Ines DGA

Ines DGA
August 2021

"For my take on the Scandinavian style, I chose to try new fabric materials and lighting scenarios, resulting in a warm mood. It was not an easy task both technically and emotionally, as it was dedicated as a heartfelt and special gift."

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Tina Tajaddod

Tina Tajaddod
September 2021

"For an introverted person, a significant part of life happens internally, and my goal was to show a glimpse of my mind in the form of a room. 'Quiet Place' is a personal project in the most literal sense."

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David Zamanov

David Zamanov
October 2021

"When people grow tired of clutter, they need simple, understandable and convenient forms. Natural shapes and textures are able to provide calm from the constant hustle and bustle of the modern world."

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Flore Argentieri

Flore Argentieri
November 2021

“Photorealism has the power to challenge our perception, you can make people believe anything as long as it seems real. You can also subvert these expectations, introducing elements that do not belong in our world, it is quite literally magic!"

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Lilian Alves

Lilian Alves
December 2021

“The Beatles were a big part of my childhood, I heard them on the radio all the time. I have a broad, yet eclectic taste in music, but Rock will always be my favorite. Yeah, I love rock 'n' roll!"

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This year's 3D Artist of the Year jury members consists of high-class experts from the 3D industry. They will evaluate all twelve nominees to choose the winner, who will be announced on December 29th, 2021. Introducing:


Manny Fragelus

Manny Fragelus is the founder and program director of CGMA and CGWorkshops. Besides leading the academic direction for both schools Manny is also the host of the popular webinar series "Industry Sessions". This series gives participants the opportunity to interact directly with some of the best artists in the industry, ranging from the entire character art team from Naughty Dog to a panel with some of the best FX artists from Blizzard, MPC, and ILM. Manny has over 17 years of experience working in the games, films, and animation industries. His recent job was modeling lead at Dreamworks Feature Animation for the last 11 years.

Jeff Mottle

Jeff Mottle is the founder of CGarchitect Digital Media Corporation, the leading online magazine and user community for architectural visualization professionals. He also co-founded the CGschool, which caters exclusively to architectural visualization professionals. Having worked in the industry since 1996, Jeff has been involved in developing and speaking at conferences around the world. He is immersed in many areas of the industry and actively pursues initiatives that help promote the growth of the field, including CGarchitect's yearly Architectural Visualization competition and 3D Awards.

Ralph Huchtemann

Ralph, who originally completed a degree in mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen, started in the 3D business in 1995 by founding the 3D animation company RebusMedia and working as a successful 3D artist. During that time he produced hundreds of animations and visualizations for B2B communication and commercials. About ten years later Ralph founded RebusFarm to solve the problem of lacking computer power that 3D artists are experiencing in general. He started with a clear vision of how to approach the issue.

Vasilis Koutlis
Designer & 3D Photographer

The instigator of both xDream3D and VWArtclub was born in Athens, in 1979. He studied furniture design and decoration. He began his occupation with 3D art in 2002 and in 2007 the idea of xDream3D was born. He managed to acquire partners from all over the world and various collaborators trust him with their ideas as he rewards them with his detailed designs. Not a moment goes by without him thinking of a beautiful image, thus he is never concerned with time but only with the design’s quality.

Agnieszka Klich
Arch Viz Artist/Black Balance

Agnieszka Klich is a 3D artist, the co-founder of Black Balance, and Arch Viz Artist. Black Balance is an architectural visualization studio based in Poland. Arch Viz Artist is an online platform with professional video courses related to the 3d art topic. Agnieszka also runs a YouTube channel with the same name where she shares the tips and tricks that teach what to do to compete in the creative market. Besides, she is a big fan of traveling. Numerous journeys have shaped her view of the world, given a massive dose of inspiration, and driven her to action.

Rusko Ruskov
VP Production and Delivery, Chaos Group

Rusko Ruskov is an industry renowned expert on 3D visualization with over 18 years of professional experience in rendering, movie and broadcast media VFX, automotive, product and character design. He leads Chaos Group’s 3D visualization team and is responsible for the product’s performance excellence of V-Ray since its early days. 3D artist with a great passion for innovative technologies that blur the line between reality and art, Rusko has been a guest speaker at industry conferences such as Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, FMX, Animago, CG Event, and has juried at many rigorous and renowned CG competitions.

Lyudmil Vanev
Sales Engineer Team Lead, Chaos Group

Lyudmil Vanev is a CG professional with more than 10 years of experience in everything CG, working on projects in architectural visualization, animation, and visual effects. Lyudmil joined the Chaos Group CG team in 2014, after working as a CG specialist and compositor at some of the biggest VFX studios in Bulgaria. Several years and tens of thousands of air miles later, he's established and leading the Sales Engineer Team - a specialist outfit where he’s focused on helping companies and professionals get the best out of V-Ray rendering engine.

Chen Jiangtao
3D Artist of the Year 2020

Chen Jiangtao is a 3D artist from China. In 2020, he won our 3D Artist of the Year contest. He has been engaged in digital carving since he graduated from the university and he makes Garage Kit prototypes for different companies. He has a passion for turning his digital models into reality and always maintains his love for pure art and creating better work every day.

RebusFarm Community
Social Media Channels

Our RebusFarm Community has been growing for years, welcoming 3D artists and enthusiasts from all over the world and creating beautiful bonds around the passion of rendering and photorealism. This year, we welcome the RebusFarm Community to our 3D Artist of the Year jury by allowing our social media family to give their input on this contest and help us find the ultimate winner. The most liked nominees through our different social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will get added points in the final voting count.

Modo Render Farm ソフトウェア

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Modoのレンダーファーム © Anton Podvalny
© Anton Podvalny

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  • V-Ray 3.6 (not yet for Modo 13)



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