Render My Podcast #1 with Ian Spriggs

2024年01月25日(木) by Nicole Holt | 読書時間です。 2 議事録

Render My Podcast

Introducing Render My Podcast, a new journey led by RebusFarm! Like never before, a new chapter in our content has begun, where we provide a stage for captivating conversations, insightful narratives, and untold stories from remarkable 3D artists. Get ready to immerse yourself in 3D art from a different perspective.

Render My Podcast

We are excited to introduce 'Render My Podcast', a new podcast format made by us, RebusFarm. In every episode, we will sit down with amazing 3D artists to give you insights into their minds.

Render My Podcast Episode #1 with Ian Spriggs

In the very first episode, we talk to the amazing Ian Spriggs, who talks about discovering the essence of a portrait beyond its physical representation, and how he has left his mark on renowned films and series like The Mandalorian, Spider-Man Far From Home, John Wick 3, Batman vs. Superman and ended up being worldly known in the industry for his expressive skills in creating character art.

Listen as he shares the critical milestones that shaped his artistic evolution, from the Kickstarter shift to 3D illustration to the transformative year of 2014 when he embraced the art of self-portraits.

Gain valuable insights into Ian's thoughts on the creative process, deadlines, AI, and the 3D industry. Uncover tips for aspiring artists aiming to enter the industry in today's dynamic landscape.

Listen to the full episode and explore the depths of Ian's creative mind:

Do you want more? No problem, our next episode is already in the making. Stay tuned for an extraordinary mind who loves to share her art knowledge and who is the mom to chickens and bunnies. Three of her chickens are called Ursula, Drizella and Abigail, which are names of Disney characters, of course. Can you guess who she is, and what enchanting tales she'll share in our upcoming conversation?

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About the author

Nicole Holt is an experienced 3D enthusiast with a marketing and content writing career. Thanks to this unique combination, she is able to showcase the technical intricacies of 3D art and rendering while also making the subject accessible to a wide audience. When she's not immersed in the digital world, Nicole can be found in the great outdoors, most likely with her beloved dog, Sammy.


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