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12.06.2024 by Vasilis Koutlis | Reading time: 6 Minutes

Vipindev Vembanatt, 'Beneath The Surface' architectural visualization

We are excited to introduce Vipindev Vembanatt, a young 3D artist with big dreams and a promising future. 3D art isn't just a job for him; it's a journey of self-discovery and creative fulfillment. His project, 'Beneath The Surface', features a living and dining room with a stunning stone wall that adds rustic elegance. In our RebusArt interview, Vipindev describes his journey in 3D art sharing a bit of his workflow.

Vipindev Vembanatt, 'Beneath The Surface' architectural visualization'Beneath The Surface' is an architectural visualization of a captivating living room with a stunning stone wall that adds rustic elegance.

Hi Vipindev! First, we would like to thank you for joining our Rebus Family! First, please share a bit about yourself and your background as a 3D artist. What inspired you to pursue this career path?

Hey CGI Artists!

I'm Vipindev, hailing from the vibrant land of Kerala, India, and currently based in Dubai, UAE. While my journey began in the realm of Civil Engineering, fate had a different path in store for me—one that led me to the captivating design world of interior Design.

Could you describe your typical creative process when starting a new project, from ideation to completion?

Certainly! When embarking on a new project, my process often begins with a spark of inspiration from a simple thread of an idea. From there, I dive into research, scouring for concepts and gathering inspiration to develop the design. Sketching plays a pivotal role as I flesh out these ideas, deciding on details like color schemes and whether the concept fits best as an interior or exterior design.

Once the concept takes shape, I dive into the familiar territory of a 3D Artist: modeling, texturing, rendering, and post-processing. Each step must be carefully executed to bring the vision to life with realism and creativity.

But before calling it a wrap, I seek feedback from my trusted circle: My wife, my elder and younger brothers, and one of my best friends, Vivek. Their insights help refine the work, ensuring it meets the standards of realism.

And with their nod of approval, the project is complete. It’s a process that blends imagination, skill, and the invaluable input of those closest to me, resulting in designs that resonate with authenticity and creativity.

What tools and software are indispensable in your workflow, and are there any lesser-known ones you'd recommend exploring?

Sticking to the basics, I rely on 3ds Max for my CGI work. I focus on editing poly and smoothing modifiers. While all artists turn to Photoshop for post-production, my mentors—Devanand and Pramod—always emphasize maximizing 3ds Max’s capabilities. I usually try to do so, but unfortunately, I can't. Ultimately, it's about finding what works best while staying open to new possibilities.

Vipindev Vembanatt, 'Beneath The Surface' architectural visualization'Beneath The Surface' A minimal space for the dining room placed close to the corner sofa.

Let's delve into 'Beneath the Surface'. What was its inspiration, and what were your main challenges during its development?

The inspiration for this project started while browsing Pinterest when I stumbled upon an image of a captivating cave interior. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to develop my design, envisioning an interior nestled within the rugged beauty of a cave. The main challenge I encountered during development revolved around selecting suitable furniture pieces and determining the placement of door openings within the natural contours of the cave. However, I overcame these hurdles with perseverance and creative problem-solving, resulting in a satisfying outcome.

Vipindev Vembanatt, 'Beneath The Surface' architectural visualization'Beneath The Surface' The corner sofa is framed by the rustic stone walls.

What software, renderer, and plugins did you use for this project?

The software I used is typical for architectural visualization: 3ds Max 2023, Corona Renderer, and Photoshop. I also used a plugin called Floor Generator.

Are there any other technical details you want to share about this project?

Regarding technical details, this project didn’t involve any groundbreaking feats. As a 3D Artist, I believe that with focus and determination, we can achieve our goals.

Were there any unique techniques or approaches you employed in this project that you haven't used before? If so, could you elaborate on them?

No groundbreaking techniques were employed, but Quixel Megascan proved helpful in achieving the rocky cave ambiance by providing PBR textures that enhanced my visual fidelity.

Looking back at your journey as a 3D artist, what do you consider your most significant milestone or achievement thus far, and why?

Reflecting on my journey as a 3D artist, I consider the milestone of being featured by RebusFarm to be a significant achievement. Being recognized by a reputable platform like RebusFarm validates my passion and dedication to the craft. I have invested in honing my skills as a 3D Artist, fueling my motivation to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new creative avenues.

Vipindev Vembanatt, 'Beneath The Surface' architectural visualization

What advice would you give to aspiring 3D artists who are just starting their careers or looking to take their skills to the next level?

My advice to aspiring 3D Artists is simple: Hold onto your dreams tightly. In this field, you may encounter skepticism or discouragement from family, colleagues, or even your own doubts. But don’t let that deter you. Focus on your goal with unwavering determination and perseverance. Invest time learning and mastering your craft, exploring new techniques, and staying updated with industry trends. Surround yourself with supportive communities and mentors who can guide you. Remember, success in any creative field takes time and dedication, so stay patient and keep pushing forward. Your dream is within reach, so don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from achieving it.

3D rendering of food by Vipindev Vembanatt

Finally, what's next on your artistic horizon? Are there any exciting projects or goals you're eager to pursue soon?

Brevity it is! I look forward to continuing to assist and inspire in any way I can!

Vipindev, thank you for explaining this beautiful project and sincerely showcasing your work. We wish you all the best in the future!

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About the artist

Vipindev is a determined 3D artist with big dreams. Though starting off as a Civil Engineer, his heart always gravitated toward the mesmerizing world of 3D art. Despite the raised eyebrows and giggles from some, he has stayed true to his passion and dreams. Every day, he immerses himself in the boundless realm of 3D art, honing his skills and exploring new horizons. It's not just a job for him; it's a journey of self-discovery and creative fulfillment.

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