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Interior Design

  • 12.06.2024 Vipindev Vembanatt, 'Beneath The Surface' architectural visualization

    We are excited to introduce Vipindev Vembanatt, a young 3D artist with big dreams and a promising future. 3D art isn't just a job for him; it's a journey of self-discovery and creative fulfillment. His project, 'Beneath The Surface', features a living and dining room with a stunning stone wall that adds rustic elegance. In our RebusArt interview, Vipindev describes his journey in 3D art sharing a bit of his workflow.


  • 15.05.2024 Mohammad Zafari, 'Dining Room' architectural visualization

    We proudly introduce Mohammad Zafari, the latest addition to the Rebus render farm family! He is a young 3D artist with little experience but a thirst for continuous learning and improving his skills. His project, the 'Dining Room' combines a simple modern design and a beautiful effort to represent a calm space.

    In our interview, Mohammad describes his journey with 3D art and shares his workflow in detail.


  • 17.04.2024 Axel Pesotto, 'Can Lenz' architectural visualization

    We are proud to introduce Axel Pesotto, the latest addition to the Rebus render farm family and our third featured artist of the year 2024! He is a young 3D artist with an architectural background and a thirst for continuous learning and improving his skills. His project, the 'Can Lenz', combines a modern villa design surrounded by a big garden with various vegetation.

    In our interview, Axel tells his journey with 3D art, and shares interesting details about the creation of 'CanLenz'.


  • 13.03.2024 Ricardo Barreto, 'Green Loft NY' architectural visualization

    We are proud to introduce Ricardo Barreto, the latest addition to the Rebus renderfarm family and our second featured artist of the year 2024! A skilled 3d generalist with a graphic design background and a thirst for continuous learning as he is currently studying architecture. His submission to our campaign, the ‘Green Loft NY,’ combines a modern interior style and a sustainable approach to interior design. 

    In our interview, Ricardo talks a bit about himself, his new project, and a small showcase of other works he has done in the past.


  • 15.01.2024 Sasan Ezazi, 'Bhaj House' architectural visualization

    We are proud to introduce Sasan Ezazi, the newest addition to the Rebus renderfarm family and our first featured artist of the new year! A skilled archviz artist with a photographic eye and a keen sense of space, Sasan has been successfully managing his own studio Atelier Ezazi for over ten years. His submission to our campaign, the ‘Bhaj House’, combines Western and Eastern influences into a unique and cross-border design.

    In our interview, Sasan talks about Arab architecture, the bohemian style, and turning dreams into reality.


  • 15.12.2023 Refl Studio, 'Cabin in the Sea' architectural visualization

    With 2023 slowly but surely coming to its close, the Rebus render farmis proud to present youone last highlight: The talented folks at Refl Studio, a renowned Vietnamese archviz company, have blessed us with a beautiful seaside cabin at the edge of the Norwegian woods. Comprised of both exterior and interior scenes, the project marks the perfect blend of technical prowess and artistic vision, underscoring the studio's coherent design philosophy.           

    In our interview, Refl Studio exterior lead and co-founder Bảo gives insight into one of his favorite projects, talks about digital landscaping, the 3D industry in Southeast Asia, and the "human element" in archviz.


  • 15.11.2023 Diogo Bernardo, 'Esta de Sala Jozeef' living room interior

    Déjà vu? With the steady influx of capable archviz work the Rebus render farm sees every day, you might think we experience the occasional illusion of memory. But while the work of Diogo Bernardo might evoke a vague sense of familiarity, the Portuguese artist’s visualizations are certified fresh! His interior designs stand out thanks to their thoughtful compositions, inviting ambiance, and authenticity.         

    In our interview, Diogo talks about balanced design, the essence of contemporary living, and a sofa named ‘Jozeef’.


  • 01.11.2023 Rustom Tamayo, 'Villa Mandra''

    Everybody loves a good success story, and we here at the Rebus render farm are no exception. We are therefore proud to present Rustom Tamayo as our November 2023 3D Artist of the Month. Widely recognized as a breakout talent, Rustom has won over the hearts and minds of the archviz community, standing as living proof that hard work and dedication still pay off.

    In our interview, Rustom recounts his eventful professional history, talks light and shadows, and using archviz as an opinion piece.


  • 02.10.2023 Shaygan Shamlou, 'Cozy Bedroom''

    As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, our Rebus render farm 3D Artist of the Month campaign shows no signs of slowing down! On the contrary, in October 2023 talented archviz artist Shaygan Shamlou blesses us with his wonderful interior designs. A passionate proponent of the minimalist style, his work expertly blends clear and elegant compositions with warm and inviting colors, resulting in inviting and calming living spaces.    

    In our interview, Shaygan discusses his stylistic preferences, taking creative risks, and how business can become personal.


  • 18.09.2023 Karnvir Gulati, 'Barbenheimer Office Interior'

    “Show me your room, and I’ll tell you who you are.” As a potent visual language, interior design can be used to effectively communicate any number of concepts and idea – a fact that we at the Rebus render farm are only too familiar with, thanks to the limitless creativity of our wonderful community! Still, when our old friend Karnvir Gulati reached out to us and presented his latest project, we were amazed: demonstrating a profound understanding of compositing and visual identity, the Indian 3D artist has created a faithful archviz representation of the viral sensation that was ‘Barbenheimer’.     

    Continue reading to learn more about how Karnvir manifested two distinct movie aesthetics within a single interior space.


  • 01.09.2023 'Skull Cave'

    When young Abderrahman Alterkawi, our Rebus render farm September 2023 3D Artist of the Month, first opened Blender, he had no idea of how much his future was about to change with a single click. A few years and a lot of dedicated learning later, the up-and-coming CGI generalist is filled with entrepreneurial spirit, positioning his company AlternaVision Studio on the market and already making expansions plans.

    In our interview, Abderrahman discusses his empathetic approach to client relations, the importance of personal projects, and sacrifices in the name of "l'ambiance".


  • 21.08.2023 Mesh Studio, 'Symmetry Black'

    Here at the Rebus Render Farm, we always like to keep it classy! So, when Doğukan Erkal, our featured artist in August 2023, invited us to his luxurious living room interior to discuss his work over a nice glass of juice, we gladly accepted. A gentleman through and through, the young Turkish archviz talent has extended his invitation to our wonderful community and welcomes each and everybody to join us in admiring the ornate, yet simple elegance of ‘Symmetry Black’.

    Continue reading to learn more about the project and the person behind it!


  • 01.08.2023

    For years, the Brazilian 3D community has been a fertile breeding ground for talent and an invaluable member of the Rebus family. We are therefore always eager to support and feature new and upcoming artists, and today, we are thrilled to introduce Augusto Quintino Pereira as our August 2023 3D Artist of the Month. His living room interior ‘Star Japandi’, a felicitous blend of styles, convinced not only his mentor but us here at the render farm as well.  

    Check out our exclusive interview to learn more about Augusto and gain insight into one of his most formative works to date.


  • 01.07.2023 ''Casa Açucena'

    Here at the Rebus render farm, we love an uplifting story almost as much as a great render. The journey of our July 2023 3D Artist of the Month is thus best described with a quote by English writer George Eliot: “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” When Carlos Marcello Neves first discovered the wonderful world of archviz, he was already past his 50s. Undeterred by this supposed late start, he dove head first into his new found passion, quickly catching up to industry standards. Within just a few years, Carlos successfully turned his hobby into a successful freelance business, proving that it is indeed never too late…

    In our interview, Carlos talks about the power of architecture, his background in photography, and the intersection of art and technology.


  • 26.06.2023 ''Atikoa'

    Given the fast pace of the world today, we at the Rebus render farm believe it more important than ever to not only remember the past, but learn from it. When Iván Zabalza Gonzáles first fell in love with 3D, MS-DOS was the predominant operating system, and the industry was still in its infancy. Throughout his career, he has witnessed the rapid evolution of markets and technologies, and evolved with it. Today, Iván shares his experience as a prolific trainer and consultant, empowering the artists of tomorrow all over the world.

    In our interview, Iván talks about the joys of teaching, his travels as an instructor, and the future of 3D.


  • 01.06.2023 ''Villa Escorial'

    After 25 years of working in the CG industry, keeping the magic alive is no easy task. Our May 2023 3D Artist of the Month, Pedro Jesus Cabellero, has braved the passage of time and maintained his passion by consistently looking for new challenges. His latest business venture Nobrand Studioproduces high quality archviz images and animations, such as the luxurious golf resort he submitted to our render farm.

    In our interview Pedro recalls his professional journey from an old 8086 processor all the way to his current company and beyond.   


  • 23.05.2023 ARCA 3D Studio, 'Moraria Salir'

    As much as we at the Rebus render farm enjoy shining the light on new faces in the 3D community, it is always a pleasure to reintroduce a familiar face. This month we reconnect with Brazilian architect and archviz artist Arthur Cavalcanti, who has kept busy with his company ARCA 3D Studio both domestically and internationally.

    Continue reading to find out what Arthur and his team have been up to and get the insight on one of their latest projects.


  • 01.05.2023 ''Orange in the Dark'

    A ray of hope can illuminate even pitch-black darkness. We at the Rebus renderfarm are therefore proud to shine the light on Alina Shevelova, our May 2023 3D Artist of the Month. To the Ukrainian interior designer, her work has become an important outlet in times of hardship. Always eager to explore new creative avenues, Alina has incorporated dark themes in her more recent designs, creating a series of interiors that dispel the lurking gloominess by expertly devised lighting.

    In our interview, Alina talks about her latest designs, explains why she has never worked a day in her life, and recalls a formative hug.


  • 27.03.2023 coffee shop interior archviz scene

    Here at the Rebus render farm, we rarely decline a nice and relaxing cup of coffee – especially not when it is on the house! So when Fardin Shahriary invited us to his ‘Memento Café’, we are bringing the whole team for our March 2023 RebusArt feature. The young Iranian archviz artist not only perfectly captured the atmosphere of a small coffee shop in beautiful black and white, but added a deeply personal note to the scene.

    Continue reading and join us on an exclusive tour, as Fardin explains his design choices, speaks of his love for light and shadow, and offers a glimpse into his subtle artistic approach. 


  • 27.02.2023 restaurant interior archviz scene

    As a professional service, architectural visualization is the translation of ideas. In highlighting the work of designers and architects, a 3D artist needs to be a skilled craftsman just as much, if not more, than a creative visionary. For this reason, a faithful CG-recreation of a real-life space is both an effective exercise and a showcase of one’s abilities, and we at the Rebus render farm were extremely impressed by the fine folks at iPoly Studio and their digital reconstruction of a Japanese restaurant interior, perfectly capturing the atmosphere and intricate architecture.

    In our interview, brothers Seif and Houssem El Ayeb discuss their latest project, the state of the industry in the Maghreb, and their approach as an emerging archviz company.