3D Creation of the Musicvideo “Gyration“ by Camille Aboukhater

3D Creation of the Musicvideo “Gyration“ by Camille Aboukhater

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 by Margarete Kitel

We talked to Camille Aboukhater, who is a young 3D artist from France. He studied architecture and during his studies, expanded into CGI, which he used in the Video we are talking about in this interview.

The song “Gyration” is made by Ryan Davis and extracted from the album “State of Mind” released on Traum Schallplatten (Traum 169)



Camille, did the artist give you a concept for the music video?

“There was no concept at all! I was asked to do whatever I want. Neither the artist or the label had any idea of what they wanted for this film which was required to promote Ryan Davis' new album on the internet.“


What was your idea for this video?

“The idea was to illustrate the “gyration” notion the most abstractly by making evolve visual rhythm and visual intensity with the music."


How long did you work on this project?

“From conception to rendering, this film was produced in 6 weeks.”


Could you tell us something about the rendering process?

“There was over 8600 frames to render (6min / 24fps)
Average render time per frame : 8 min on my 6core i7 (3930K)
Thanks to Rebus Farm this took only a few hours!”


Which software did you use?

“Everything was modeled and animated in Cinema 4D R13. The renderings were made with VrayForC4D on Rebus Farm. Post production with Adobe After Effects, editing in Premiere.”


What was your biggest challenge during this production?

“Being a 6 minutes video, which is very long, I wanted to concieve the visuals as a film with a sort of narration, to make it easy to watch. I was trained as an architect, and I learned CGI mostly by myself during my studies. I had always work until this on architecture visualisations, or architectural concepts. It was the first time I ever worked on pure motion graphics. So it was very challenging for me to create such evolving abstract forms, trying to retranscribe visually what I feel when I listen to this music!”


This isn't your main field, what interested you in doing this music video?

“I love electronic music since I was a kid, and I've always been very sensible to Ryan's music. It is very rich, powerful, and finely composed. This composition in particular is very progressive, it evolves slowly to reach a harmonic climax driven by energic basses. The multi-layered melody he created in this music was my main focus for this film. I tried to draw all this complexity and those layers with evolving and fragmenting alive-like forms, this to amplify the emotions brought by the music.”


Camille thank you for your time it was very interesting to see what's behind the curtain of your work.

To see more of Camille Aboukhaters project check out this: