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3D Community News | 16.05.2024
CommonPoint - Lesson 19 - Volumetrics III - Procedural Maps

CommonPoint just released another free lesson from their 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass. This lesson showcases volumetric twists with a specific workflow that won’t let your scene crash. Enjoy!

The third lesson on volumetrics is efficient, just like the others. We approach the sunset again, this time with a volumetric twist. If you ever wanted to spread fog across your scene, you’re at the right place. All done in 3d.

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:13 - Practice
00:19:05 - Theory
00:24:35 - Practice
00:51:41 - Post-Production

Music from Jim Swim - New Tattoo - No Lead Vocals

Special thanks to Movafilm for the shoot and support!

Check the video below:

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