Friday, April 15th, 2022: 3D Community News

Chaos Czech - Corona Renderer 8 for 3DS Max and Cinema4D is out now!

Chaos Czech has recently announced that Chaos Corona 8 is available for both 3DS Max and Cinema4D users.

You can explore some of the amazing integrated features below:

  • Chaos Scatter. Place rocks, trees, flowers, grass, cars in a parking lot, and other objects using randomization or repetition algorithms.
  • Chaos Cosmos. Instant access to a huge collection of assets, materials, and HDRI skies within your 3D software.
  • Corona Decal. Easily add surface details or imperfections (scratches, craters, cracks, smudges, splatters, and more), supporting displacement.
  • Slicer material. For cutting away sections of geometry at render time, with any shape that has the Slicer material applied, and even add caps to the exposed surfaces.
  • Corona Curvature Map. Quickly add dirt or wear-and-tear using the surface curvature at that point.
  • Crypto matte support. Generate industry-standard Crypto mattes, easy to isolate and adjust individual components after rendering in post.
  • Customizable Tone Mapping. New operators such as Tone Curve and Advanced Filmic Mapping, are stacked in one user interface, with the ability to add, delete, and move them if needed.
  • Adjustable PBR Reflection Tail. This new parameter for the Corona Physical Material, can create blurred reflections for metals giving softer look with more “depth” to the material and correctly affecting caustics.
  • Caustics Include/Exclude. Remove unwanted caustics with new Include/Exclude options.
  • Dome Mapping for Environments (cinema 4D, already included in 3ds Max). Ideal for automotive visualizations & product renderings.

If you didn’t try it before, you can download a 45-days unlimited demo with no limitations for Chaos Corona 8, 3DS Max, or Cinema 4D from HERE.

We encourage you to watch the video and learn more about its new features!


Chaos Czech is a company specializing in software development for 3D computer graphics and visual effects with offices in Prague and Prostějov. Well known for Corona renderer which helps artists and designers create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films. Recently become a part of the academy Award-Winning company Chaos Group.