Thursday, April 14th, 2022: 3D Community News

ArchvizTools - Quick Light Generator V1.0 for 3DS Max

ArchvizTools has recently shared, with the ArchViz community, a very efficient and easy way to automatically create lights in 3DS Max using the script Quick Light Generator v1.0.

Some of its features:

  • Compatible with Corona renderer and V-ray renderer.
  • Editing parameters. You can easily edit and change parameters.
  • Intensity, radius, height, length, width, and a lot of other settings.
  • Create IES. Easily create and load IES files from the same interface.
  • Dome Light. Easily load, create, edit and rotate HDRI maps for V-Ray.
  • Mesh Light. Convert to mesh light option for V-Ray.

You can get Quick Light Generator v1.0 for only $5.

We encourage you to visit ArchvizTools, as they have a large collection of must-have tools.

Enjoy watching this 2-minutes video presentation below:


ArchvizTools was founded by Wuan Hyu who is a Vietnam architect / CG artist and founder of CGtricks. He has a great passion for creating useful tools & scripts for Architectural Visualization that make artists’ lives easier.