3D Artist of the Month December 2015


Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 by Nadine Obst


And now we introduce to you the winner of our December 2015 3D Artist of the Month competition: Peter Nowacki, CG artist from Poland, with his Star Wars inspired artwork "Far Far Away".

Peter started his digital journey using Photoshop and is now developing his skills in the 3D industry, mostly focussing on lighting, shading and rendering. For his winning picture "Far Far Away" he first created a digital collage in Photoshop: "This allows me to understand how textures in the 3D world work." He then connected Vray, 3ds Max and Photoshop and he is planning to spend some time on using Arnold for Maya in the near future, too. We asked Peter what the idea behind his work was and he shared the following: "I created this artwork because of an anxious thought I had in my mind: These days, children´s imagination is limited. The lightsaber is only a symbol to show that with a little imagination, even an old pipe in an old cottage could be your sword. You write your own fantasy story in your head not your gaming console!" This picture is the first of an upcoming triptych about childrens minds. We are very curious about the upcoming pictures and will definitely check his website for news.

Peter underlined he uses RebusFarm a lot, both for his personal and commercial productions: "It is really fast and easy to use, just like rendering in my own house. Just plug-and-play and in case I had any issues, the helpdesk was always really helpful and user-friendly. You gave an amazing gift to the whole 3D industry. Thanks for that!"

Peter had an encouriging advise to all artists which we don´t want to hold back any longer: "Never give up, learn as much as you can, observe and think critically. Surround yourself with creative people, never hesitate to ask for help, share your knowledge and think positive!". We´d like to thank Peter for his participation and wish him all the best for his promising future.

By the end of this year we are announcing the 3D Artist of the Year 2015 amongst all winning pictures. So, don´t forget to vote for your 3D Artist of the Year 2015! And if you want to be our next featured 3D Artist of the Month in 2016 and win 250 Renderpoints just visit our facebook page, upload one of your self-made 3D images and send us a personal message containing your email address.