RebusFarm News | vendredi 9 septembre 2022
V-Ray 6 for Maya now supported

V-Ray 6 for Maya is now supported at the Rebus Render Farm.

Currently, all jobs sent to the render farm will render using build 6.00.02. All previous builds of V-Ray 6 will also work but will be rendered with this version. Therefore, it is recommended to match our version build, to avoid any small differences in the rendering results. This version of V-Ray is available for Maya versions 2019-2023.

For you to have total creative freedom

  • Generate complex geometric surfaces for stunning close-ups shots at no extra memory cost
  • Create custom skies for your environments with ease
  • Take your product design and HRDI renders to the next level
  • Speed up the reviews and approvals of your project by taking them to the cloud
  • Get data to optimize your scenes for even faster rendering
  • Free up your creative time with a number of workflow and performance enhancements

Build anything you can imagine with these powerful tools

V-Ray Enmesh, Finite Dome light mode, Procedural clouds, V-Ray Decal with displacement.

Get started with your own renderings