Monday, September 14th, 2020

What is a Render Farm?

RebusFarm is known to support a wide variety of 3D software, render engines and plugins. Since each 3D software and renderer has its own specific features, RebusFarm made sure to offer an overview of all needed information on its website.

3D Software

By selecting a 3D software or renderer from the list, you will access a page dedicated to this specific software.

How to choose a 3D software on the RebusFarm website

On each software page you will find useful information such as:

  • Supported releases of the software
  • Supported render engines
  • Supported plugins

You will also get an overview of RebusFarm's specific features for the selected 3D application.

Furthermore, the page offers basic and advanced tutorial videos to help you with different topics like the installation and job submission to our render farm, as well as giving you useful tips & tricks concerning various render settings.

Basic RebusFarm Tutorials

Bonus: to give you some inspiration you can watch videos of featured projects rendered with the selected 3D software and testimonials from RebusFarm customers!

'In My Heart' by Pedro Conti - rendered at RebusFarm

Go ahead and check our new 3D software pages now!

If there are still questions you can always contact our support team, which is available 24/7 to answers all your questions.