RebusFarm Updates | Donnerstag, 22. September 2022
Octane 2021.1.6

Our Octane Render Farm has updated its OctaneRender version.

Please note that all Cinema 4D jobs will use version 2021.1.6. If you have an older version, it will still work on our render farm. However, we strongly recommend matching your version with ours.

The update will affect versions from Cinema 4D R16 up to R26. This version also adds support for the brand-new release 2023.

For 3ds Max, versions 2018-2023 will be affected and for Maya versions, 2018-2023 will be affected as well.

Changes since last version 

  • Ported back the improved rendering of hair with motion blur from 2022.1 XB1 to 2021.1.
  • Ported back the improved rendering of hair segment joints from 2022.1 XB3 to 2021.1.
  • Improved AI light update speed in some corner cases.
  • Improved consistency of the amounts of emitter noise between render restarts in scenes with enabled AI light. We now always build the highest quality AI light data structures. This may have an impact on interactivity in some corner cases. 
  • Fixed crash that happens when changing the FBX file connected to an object layer map node.
  • Fixed a render hang with dirt by limiting the number of surface intersections we allow for a dirt ray.
  • Fixed visible seams of adjacent surfaces with different material nodes with the same settings and a sub-surface scattering medium.
  • Various tweaks and minor fixes in handling nested media and dielectrics, especially when a path exits those.
  • Fixed Autobump map which when RTX is enabled.
  • Fixed render artifacts in custom AOVs when an environment scatter/random walk medium is being used.
  • Fixed darkening of custom AOVs of a surface when you change the step length of a volume in front of the surface.
  • Fixed bug that caused the full environment to be included in shadow AOVs even when portals are enabled and the environment is not importance sampled.
  • Fixed laggy imaging/tone-mapping while rendering is progressing.
  • Fixed noise and incorrect background of the position AOVs if RTX is disabled and the scene bounding box has size 0 along one of its axis.
  • Fixed post-fx not being shown in the denoised main AOV until denoising has been done.
  • Enabling/disabling the aspect ratio lock of the film settings node does not restart rendering anymore.
  • OSL: Fixed assignment to short arrays where the index is not a compile time constant.
  • OSL: Fixed compilation error with OSL shaders which use escape characters like "\n" and "\t" in string literals.
  • OSL: In some cases we fall back to a fixed value if an OSL shader reads an undefined value
  • Standalone: Added render AOV collections to the render AOV selections in the node-inspector and node graph editor.
  • Standalone: Fixed error in batch render job in scenes with multiple geometry archives that have different timeline lengths.
  • Standalone: Fixed tooltips of add/remove buttons of the render AOV group and the output AOV group.
  • Lua: Added functions octane.nodegraph.copyAttributeFromIx() and octane.nodegraph.collapse() which were missing.
  • Lua: Fixed incorrect display of colon syntax of a couple of Lua functions and improved some of the Lua function descriptions.

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