Mohsen GH - Duplicurver Spline Clone and Deform Maxscript tool

Mohsen GH has released a Maxscript tool named Duplicurver, designed to bring the functionality of ZBrush’s Insert Multi Mesh Curve brush to Autodesk 3DS Max.

The tool’s features include “Intelligent Cloning,” which allows users to select a mesh from the scene and determine the number of clones, as well as adjust the offset between them. Seamless Welding is another feature that offers an option to automatically weld the edges of the clones, potentially saving production time.

Dynamic Thickness Control enables users to control the thickness of the clones along a path, and Flexible Rotation and Twist allow for custom rotation and twisting along the chosen path. Orientation Customization provides control over the orientation of the clones along the X, Y, and Z axes, and Interactive Real-Time Editing offers parameters that can be adjusted in real-time.

The tool is available for purchase in three pricing tiers: Personal at $3.90, Commercial for up to 5 users at $14.90, and Studio for more than 5 users at $39. Find out more on Gumroad.

Check the video now!

Mohsen GH is a 3D artist based in UAE, dedicated to the CGI, making tutorials and sharing knowledge on his Youtube channel.

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