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Boonar Studio - AAA Terrains and Erosion Mixer

Boonar Studio has released AAA Terrains, a new set of high-resolution terrains for use in DCC applications and game engines. Read the article and watch the videos to learn more!

A set of 16K heightmaps and color textures for generating high-resolution 3D terrain
At the heart of AAA Terrains is a set of high-resolution terrains – 16K heightmaps and color textures – that can be used in DCC software or game engines.

In addition to heightmaps and color textures, the Pro version includes supporting Blender files, including Erosion Mixer which is a Geometry Nodes setup for mimicking weathering. Erosion Mixer has been added to Terrain Mixer, the Boonar Studio’s node-based terrain generation system for Blender.

It includes 24 terrains, mountains, and canyons, but Boonar says it wants to expand the library in order to cover other landscape types such as islands, plains, and deserts. Check out the videos below:

For deeper knowledge and more information about this product, you can visit Blender Market.

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