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3D Community News | 2023年04月11日(火)
Nino - Mossify free moss generator for Blender

3D artist Nino (aka defoq) has released Mossify, a neat free Blender set-up that generates procedural moss over 3D models, for use in illustrations, motion graphics, game art, or visual effects.

Mossify lets users add procedural moss to 3D models inside Blender, controlling the results with a simple set of parameters for the underlying noise pattern, and the size and density of the moss strands and ‘leaves’.

Setting Moss Density to 0 results in a simple moss texture that can be used in long shots.

Nino also has a number of other free Geometry Nodes set-ups available in his Gumroad store, along with commercial tools for generating procedural giftwrap, and even procedural jellyfish.

Check the video now!

Nino is a 3D artist mostly dedicated to Blender and sharing knowledge on his Youtube channel.

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