3D Community News | 2023年02月22日(水)
D5 Render - D5 Render 2.4 version trailer!

D5 Render recently released a new video trailer showcasing features in the new 2.4 Version of its render engine.

Sit back and relax while you watch this awesome video trailer.

Here is a quick list of the new features:

1. New D5 GI
2. Improved material emissive effect
3. Subsurface scattering material
4. Z-depth channel
5. Vegetation Cull Distance
6. Blend amount setting for grass material textures
7. New preview modes to control image quality

8. More frame rate options for video rendering
9. Improved two-point perspective view
10. Camera focal length
11. Support switching between horizontal/vertical FOV
12. Drop models on the ground
13. Support creating curve/linear paths for the path tool
14. Support setting the fixed spacing distance for the vegetation path
15. Support custom combination of vegetation, characters, and other models
16. Support opening the file location of maps imported by D5 Converters
17. Support reading the north offset parameter from .skp files
18. Support closing D5 Render automatically after the render queue is finished
19. Support opening .abc files directly from the welcome page
20. Support opening the Preference from the welcome page
21. Support clearing auto-saved backups and imported models
22. Improved scatter tool with better effects and compatibility with hedge assets
23. Improved random offset effect for vegetation path
24. Improved model replacing feature for the path tool
25. Improved search and filter functions of the object list
26. Improved camera movement in video rendering
27. Improved coordinate axis spatial position
28. Improved display effect of the rotation control
29. Action tips in the viewport
30. Open D5 Help Center directly from the top right corner of the D5 Render
31. A shortcut icon is created for .d5a files

32. Support AV1 encoding
33. Support QSV encoding
34. Open the welcome page faster

35. New hedge assets
36. New commonly used arborous plants
37. New static and dynamic Asian characters
38. Subsurface scattering materials and models
39. New dynamic transportation assets
40. Backdrop planes
41. New dynamic water particles
42. Support adjusting the color temperature of interior parallax
43. Improved movement effect of some dynamic characters
44. Improved quality of some vegetation models

Enjoy watching this awesome video presentation!

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