3D Community News | 2023年06月26日(月)
Chaos Corona - Chaos Corona 10 for 3DS Max and Cinema 4D — New features

Chaos Czech just released Corona 10, the latest version of its renderer for 3DS Max and Cinema 4D!

Corona 10 features updates for several of the software’s existing features, including decals, volume rendering, depth of field, and procedural clouds.

Full support for volumes in the Corona Camera

The Corona Camera now properly supports volumes, including the Volume material, simulations created in Chaos’s Phoenix software, and VolumeGrids for OpenVDB objects.

The change makes it possible to position the render camera half inside a volume – for example, at water level in a swimming pool – without having to position a Slicer around the camera to cut a hole in the volume.

Other rendering improvements include a new DOF Highlight Solver, intended to generate better-defined highlights in parts of an image blurred by the depth of field. It supports custom aperture shapes.

The new procedural clouds system added in Corona 9 is now affected by the Direct Color property of the Corona Sun, making it easier to create time-of-day effects.

In addition, caustics are now brighter and more detailed when rendered at 4K resolution and above.

Listers reworked to make it easier to navigate complex scenes
Workflow improvements include updates to the software’s listers for viewing and editing scene objects, with the unified Corona Lister now listing all of the lights, proxies, displacement materials, and cameras in a scene.

In the Cinema 4D edition, the Scatter Lister has been added to the main lister; in 3ds Max, it remains a separate interface element, but has been “totally reworked”.

Easier material randomization in 3ds Max, and support for nested scatters in Cinema 4D
Changes unique to the 3ds Max edition includes the option to apply the same Triplanar, Color Correction, or Mapping Randomizer to multiple maps.

The material editor also now caches rendered previews, making it “up to 22 times faster”.

Changes unique to the Cinema 4D edition include the option to nest scatters when using the Chaos Scatter plugin: for example, to instance a set of cans, then instance condensation droplets over their surfaces.

Outside the software itself, the Corona Benchmark has been updated to the Corona 10 rendering core.

Support for the online rendering system Chaos Cloud and the unification of the Corona Material Library with Chaos Cosmos, both initially scheduled for Corona 10, has now been moved back to Corona 11.

Here is a quick overview of the video below, which of course, you have to check :)

00:00 -
00:10 - Artistically adjust cloud lighting using Direct Color in a Corona Sun
00:18 - Manage complex scenes with Listers, accessing Cameras, Proxies, Scatters, Displacement, and Lights (Lights, Light Materials, Corona Suns, and Corona Skies)
00:24 - New Depth of Field Highlights solver for better quality blurred highlights in DOF
00:36 - Faster Material Editor in 3ds Max
00:48 - Cameras can now be inside, fly through, or be partially submerged in a volume (Volume Material, OpenVDB, or Phoenix Simulation)
01:08 - Affect only particular channels using Corona Decals, e.g. affect displacement only
01:15 - Try Corona

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