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RebusFarm News | 2023年04月03日(月)
Blender 3.5 support

You can now use the latest version of Blender 3.5 at RebusFarm.

The latest release of Blender sees a significant advancement in the curves-based hair system that was initially introduced in version 3.3.

With the versatility of Geometry Nodes, it is now possible to create any type of hair, fur, or grass. However, with this great power comes increased complexity, which is why Blender now provides hair assets that make the process easier.

For the first time, Blender comes with a set of built-in assets. The Essentials asset library comprises 26 hair assets, which are categorized as Deformation, Generation, Guides, Utility, Read, and Write.

What can these assets do?

The Generate Hair Curves asset generates new hair curves on a surface mesh from scratch, based on point locations. If you want to create curves that depend on existing curves, then you can use the Interpolate Hair Curves asset. Alternatively, the Duplicate Hair Curves asset is a simpler option that duplicates hair curves a specific number of times within a certain radius, and it may provide better performance.

The Attach Hair Curves To Surface asset attaches hair curves to a surface mesh, with options for snapping, alignment, and blend along curve. The Clump Hair Curves asset clumps together existing hair curves using guide curves, while the Braid Hair Curves asset deforms existing hair curves into braids using guide curves. The Frizz Hair Curves asset deforms hair curves using a random vector per point to make them look frizzy. The Smooth Hair Curves asset smooths the shape of hair curves, while the Roll Hair Curves asset rolls up hair curves starting from their tips.

These are just a few examples of what the hair assets in Blender can do. There are many more options to choose from, making it easier than ever to create realistic and dynamic hair in your 3D models.

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