3D Community News | mardi 14 novembre 2023
Simulation Lab - 3DS Max Animation Crash course!

Simulation Lab released a video covering the entire basics of animation in 3DS Max.

This crash-course is meant to blast your way through the learning curve, so you can start creating your own animations in no time! You'll be surprised how easy animating with 3ds Max really is!

Once you have the basics of 3D modeling down, it's time to learn the real power of 3DS Max!

In this beginner-friendly tutorial, we start with very basic animation techniques like animating moving objects, and progress into more advanced operations like animating modifiers, physics and cloth simulations, and using path and position constraints.

After this crash course, you'll have the foundation you'll need to animate just about anything. In future tutorials, we will go in-depth on character animation, using motion-capture files, and more procedural workflows for really advanced animations!

But first.. the basics!

Check the video now!

Simulation Lab is a YouTube channel dedicated to 3DS Max tips and tricks.

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