3D Community News | mardi 11 juin 2024
RapidTools - UVReactor - UV Mapping In 3ds Max

After a long time of work, RapidMXS released a new tool called UVReactor. It's an add-on for 3ds Max that helps you create and fix UV maps on your models!

UV unwrapping just got easier and faster! Here's what makes it unique:

  • No more waiting. UVReactor works fast, even with complex models.
  • Edit on the go. You can change the UV map while still building your model, saving you time.
  • See what's happening. UVReactor can show you how other tools in 3ds Max affect your UV map so that you can avoid mistakes.
  • Use your favorite tools. UVReactor works with all the selection options you already know from 3ds Max.

If you're tired of slow unwrapping tools and you don't want to switch between different programs, then you should give UVReactor a try, as it works the right way inside 3ds Max.

By buying UVReactor, you'll be supporting the development of this tool and making it even better in the future.

Get UVReactor today on the RapidMXS Website!

Explore the video presentation for UVReactor tool below:

RapidTools is the creator of rapdTools for 3ds Max and Octopus for 3ds Max. On their YouTube channel you can find basic tutorials and demo videos about the tools, scripts, and plugins they have created.

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