3D Community News | mardi 6 juin 2023
Mx Tools - FormCutter 3.0

Mx Tools has recently launched its recent update to the FormCutter script for 3ds Max that helps to cut along a drawn path on objects.

What is FormCutter?

It is used to cut inward or outward in objects along a freehand path that you draw with the tool and provides various ways to achieve that.

FormCutter covers a lot of uses, from quick ideation to final output to developing interactive projects and playing with your ideas, including a few options to help you to improve the aesthetics of your designs.

Its user-friendly interface has a variety of color themes and allows for docking to any corner of the screen. FormCutter supports several cut types such as cut, add, split, draw, and carve.

You can draw shapes, such as circles, boxes, ngons, shapes, and meshes, on the mesh surface or screen view. A library feature also allows for the storage and retrieval of past designs.

FormCutter’s drawing tools can mirror shapes in the 2D axis in local or world space and clone them in grid or radial layouts. Features like grid snap, face mesh vertices snap, angle snap by 45 degrees, and drawing orientation alignment promotes accuracy. Additional tools include a cloth panel, variable round, chamfer, shell, symmetry, and pivot.

Real-time Cuts.
Minimalist UI with many types of icons and color themes.
Docking UI to: top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left.
Actions cut type: cut, split, add, carve, draw;
Draw cut shapes type: circle, box, ngon, shape and mesh.
Draw cut shapes on the surface of the mesh or on screen view.
Library to store ngons, shapes and meshes.
Mirror drawing shapes in 2D axis in local or world space.
Clone drawing shapes by grid or radial layout.
Grid snap and face mesh vertices snap.
Angle snap by 45 degree.
Align drawing orientation by hit surface.
Tools: cloth panel, variable round, chamfer, shell, symmetry, pivot.

Check the video below!

MxTools was founded by Constantin Dan, a CG generalist who creates all types of 3D visual effects for high-end advertising and digital projects. It is a collection of 3DS Max scripting tools designed to speed up your work. You can purchase its products on Gumroad.

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