3D Community News | mardi 5 mars 2024
Marvelous Designer - Marvelous Designer 2024 released

Marvelous Designer 2024.0 brings powerful new features to elevate your 3D clothing design experience. Enjoy!

This update empowers you with:
  • Greater realism: Create dynamic and lifelike designs with features like multiple wind controllers, video capture, and groundbreaking soft body simulation.
  • Enhanced workflow: Streamline your process with the auto-convert to avatar functionality and seamless integration of EveryWear, featuring auto-rigging, polygon optimization, and texture baking.
  • Real-time collaboration: Experience revolutionary Marvelous Designer LiveSync for improved teamwork and adaptability in your design journey.

Introducing EveryWear, your gateway to seamless garment transfer, this powerful new feature is available for free to all CLO and Marvelous Designer subscribers during beta, streamlines the process of adapting your creations for:

  • Gaming: Design stunning, optimized outfits for your favorite games.
  • The Metaverse: Dress your avatars in unique, high-quality clothing.
  • VFX and Animation: Bring your characters to life with realistic, optimized garments.

EveryWear empowers you to take your designs beyond the screen and into the virtual world without breaking the bank.

For more information, please visit CLO Virtual Fashion’s website.

Watch this great video presentation for the new release of the great Marvelous software below:

Marvelous Designer is the industry-leading software for crafting realistic and dynamic 3D clothing. Beloved by professionals and hobbyists alike, it empowers you to bring your fashion ideas to life easily and efficiently.

Get a €25 free trial for high-speed rendering now!