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Monday, April 25th, 2022: 3D Community News

Render Camp - How to create a realistic render using Corona 8 - Beginners

Render Camp has released the fourth live stream workshop of their new series “From Zero to Hero” creating an Interior scene from scratch in order to achieve a realistic render.

Thanks to Irena Poliakova from Render Camp who shared this simple and nice tutorial, targeted at beginners.

Some of the headlines discussed in this live are:

  • Modeling process. Creating a scene from scratch, starting with modeling on a specific plan.
  • Detailing the scene and adding assets, by creating floor and wall baseboard. Also, importing 3D assets to the scene.
  • Working on lighting, shading, and composition. Setting up the camera based on a reference image, and finally adding light using an HDRI map.
  • Creating some realistic materials. Starting with table materials, and adding part by part to exclude from the override mat.
  • Making the final render in Corona 8, adding the final touches, and preparing the final render settings.
  • There is a simple Q & A at the end of this master class.

Don’t forget to check the video description, to download all the files need to materialize your exercise.

They also offer a really good beginners’ course, instructed by Irena Poliakova, a Ukrainian 3D artist with more than 14 years of practical experience in architectural visualization and more.

Enjoy watching this 1.5-hour workshop below:


Render Camp is an online school for 3D architectural visualization, who aims to share knowledge, and help thousands of designers, visualizers, and architects in order to learn how to achieve a realistic qualitative render in a quick and efficient way.