RebusFarm Updates | Montag, 26. Juni 2023
Redshift update 3.5.16

The Rebus Redshift Render Farm updated its Redshift version for release 3.5.16.

Please note, all jobs that use Redshift release 3.5 will now use release 3.5.16.

The latest Redshift update brings a range of enhancements and bug fixes for different software platforms, including 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Hydra, and Blender. Here are the highlights:

In 3ds Max, the Redshift Camera Attributes modifier now supports camera effects and backplates, while the Redshift globals in Environment & Effects provide a scene upgrade utility for converting to new camera options. Additionally, there are fewer unwanted IPR restarts when modifying camera settings. Deprecated features include Redshift Bokeh and Redshift Lens Distortion global effects, as well as the Redshift Camera Effects modifier. Furthermore, a bug in the 3ds Max 2024 plugin has been fixed, which previously prevented editing of the alpha channel in Redshift Color Picker. Unwanted material name prefixes when exporting proxies have also been resolved.

Maya users will now find support for Maya 2024 (Windows only, macOS and Linux support to follow in 3.5.17). The update allows Fisheye FOV beyond 180 degrees, extending up to 360 degrees.

Cinema 4D improvements include addressing issues that led to fatal assertion/crash during material previews under certain conditions, as well as reduced interactivity in IPR when using procedural projections. A rare crash when closing a scene while viewport previews were being prepared has been fixed. Certain MoGraph objects triggering unnecessary IPR refreshes and slow extraction with a cloner in the in/exclusion list of an RSLight have also been addressed. The material preview scheduling has been improved, giving IPR more time to start rendering before servicing previews. Additionally, a material preset for Principled Hair has been added.

Blender users will benefit from the fix for an issue with Physical Sky linked Sunlight and the addition of support for Deformation Blur.

The Alembic Procedural has received fixes for rendering objects with fewer deformation samples than scene motion blur steps, a problem with displacement auto bumpmap, and added support for tangents-based shading effects.

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