3D Community News | Dienstag, 06. Februar 2024
JangaFX - GeoGen Alpha Release Trailer

JangaFX released GeoGen Alpha 0.1.3 and it is now available to everyone to try. GeoGen is a real-time terrain and planet generator that will impress you!

Why should you use GeoGen?
GeoGen is a new approach to terrain and planet creation, and with all the incredible competition out there, the creators aim to take it to the next level. The user interface is slick and intuitive, making creating your next world easier. With modern node-based workflows, unique simulations, and workflow enhancements, GeoGen will be a powerful tool in your arsenal. GeoGen is still in alpha and has big plans for further innovations that go far beyond what is currently available.

Node-based terrain generation.
GeoGen has a wide range of source nodes, modifiers, filters, and masks to precisely control your terrains, feature placement, and terrain design. If you are familiar with a certain industry standard, the "procedural material editor", you will feel right at home using GeoGen. With its non-destructive workflow, you can create the perfect terrain for any geological formation. It also gives you all the parameters to fine-tune everything from noise to erosion.

For more, please visit the official GeoGen website.

Watch this beautiful presentation for the new version of GeoGen below:

JangaFX was founded in 2016 by Nicholas Seavert, an entrepreneur well-versed in startups and real-time VFX. Their key motive is to develop real-time VFX tools for artists and designers in film and game production.

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