3D Community News | Dienstag, 16. Januar 2024
Abstract - InstaMAT Is Available To The Public

After five years of conscientious development, Abstract is pleased to announce the global availability of InstaMAT on January 24, 2024. InstaMAT is a groundbreaking software designed to transform industries by creating scalable 3D content and uniting a variety of technologies into coherent and scalable workflows. 

InstaMAT is an elemental tool for designing and automating 3D materials, assets, and texturing. The 3D industry’s first solution gives the opportunity to studios and professionals worldwide.

A wide range of features are included to achieve scalable content and substantial time and cost savings. From asset texturing using layering and 3D painting workflows, AI, sophisticated 2D image processing algorithms, and procedural modeling, InstaMAT redefines what is possible in 3D content creation.

This great tool offers several key components: 

  • InstaMAT Studio: It's a procedural material and asset creator that lets you create scalable texturing and data-driven asset pipelines. It also includes an extensive library of nodes and materials.
  • InstaMAT Pipeline: It simplifies tasks like rendering materials and executing Element graphs, enhancing asset pipelines. 
InstaMAT can be used with major digital content creation tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unity3D, and Unreal Engine. A 64-bit C++ SDK is also available, enabling developers to integrate InstaMAT technology into their own software.

Check out the video presentation and have a taste of the extremely useful and promising InstaMAT tool:

Abstract is a group of companies focused on developing bleeding-edge 3D technology. Our tech enables a diverse range of clients to deliver their projects on time, with massive cost-saving and having much more fun while they're doing it. From leading game developers to VFX studios and the most beloved brands, they have one thing in common — they’re all using our products.

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