3D Community News | 20.02.2023
Arch Viz Artist - 10 Photoshop tips every 3D artist must know!

Arch Viz Artist recently released a new video tutorial revealing must-known tips in Photoshop for architectural visualization artists!

Whether you are an experienced artist or not, we kindly suggest checking this video.

⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 Intro
0:11 Quick Masking
1:57 Switch-Loaded Tools
3:17 ALT key tricks
4:51 ALT-click between layers
5:35 Merging layers
6:28 Masking tricks
7:38 Filling the selection in color
8:29 Before/After trick
9:03 Picking a color from any outside app
10:00 Opening the same file in two windows

Enjoy watching this awesome video tutorial!

Arch Viz Artist is dedicated to sharing knowledge of architecture, graphics, and architectural visualization.

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