Specoolar - Cell Fluids - Fast Fluid Solver for Blender / RebusFarm

Specoolar has recently shared a fast and promising fluid tool for Bender. Check it out!

CellFluids is a Geometry Nodes-powered Blender addon for simulating fluids in real time. 

The simulation is a kind of “2.5D”. It is based on the height field of the scene and is simulated in a 2D grid with displacement applied to it and it requires Blender 3.6 or newer versions.

- Fast interactive semi-real-time fluid simulations
- Realistic fluids
- Lightweight and not resource intensive
- Works with both Eevee and Cycles
- Baking of any state of the fluid onto a static mesh with flow map

- Cannot simulate complex and multi-layered fluids and splashes as it is only one layer with displacement.
- The simulation is not particle-based, so do not expect completely physically correct simulations.
- Avoid sharp edge geometries for ground, it may protrude from the liquid in some cases.
- The ground geometry cannot be animated.

You can get the addon HERE.

For more about its features watch the video presentation below:

Specoolar is a .

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