Wednesday, March 16th, 2022: 3D Community News 

Cebas Visual Technology - finalFluid Public Beta - A revolutionary realtime tool for 3DS Max

Cebas has recently announced the free public beta of finalFluid, a revolutionary real-time simulation plugin.

They kindly ask for your help in testing out and building the first-ever real-time fire and smoke tool for 3DS Max.

finalFluid is an NVIDIA - GPU-only based dynamic Eulerian fluid simulation system that creates advanced smoke and fire effects within an unbounded simulation domain. It removes a long-standing restriction of GPU fluid solvers - regular grids waste enormous amounts of memory in regions where nothing happens at all.

Minimum requirements:

  • DX12 NVIDIA GPU and Windows 10
  • Nvidia GTX Graphics card with a minimum of 4GB (better additional 8GB Card)
  • 3DS Max 2022/2021/2020
  • Enough hard-disk (better SSD) space to write gigabytes of simulation data caches.

To get your Free BETA Test you must first register on their web page. In this way, you get updates and important bug fixes when they will be available.

Watch the 3-minutes video presentation for this promising 3D tool below:


cebas Visual Technology Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, and Canada. The company employs talented developers worldwide and it offers proprietary production solutions for VFX studios and visualization design companies, including GPU rendering software for handling large graphic data.