3D Community News | 2022年10月11日(火)
Joker Martini - Selection Toolbox v1.0 3DS Max

Joker Martini recently released Selection Toolbox v1.0, a very neat tool for 3DS Max!

This 3ds Max tool provides users with a quick and easy way to find and select objects within the scene.

Supports 3ds Max 2021 or newer

Quick Select
Objects In View
– Selects all objects visible in the current viewport

Objects Not In View
– Selects all objects not visible in the current viewport

Objects With Material
– Selects all objects with a material

Objects With No Material
– Selects all objects that do not have a material

Instances of Selected Objects
– Selects all instances of the currently selected objects

Selection Toolbox v1.0 costs only 6$, and you can get it here!

Read the full description here!

Be sure to check the video and get the know-how!

Joker Martini is a 3d artist, programmer, and creator of many useful scripts, plugins, and toolsets for 3DS Max.