Tuesday, March 8th, 2022: 3D Community News 

IToosoft - Forest Pack and RailClone Q&A live stream

IToosoft has streamed a Q&A for Forest Pack and RailClone which was streamed last February.

Some of the Topics they explained are:

  • How to blend scattered objects with a surface, using Forest Pack.
  • How to create a full-size parametric warehouse with RailClone.
  • How to create a patterned metal chain curtain using Forest Pack and Forest Color.
  • How to customize Forest Pack custom rollouts.
  • Using markers and clipping splines to control each RailClone’s object parameter individually.
  • How to achieve denser scatter in Forest Pack without changing the distribution.

This is the 2nd Live stream and there is a schedule for 1 live stream per month.

Enjoy watching this more than one hour Q&A live stream below:


Forest Pack is considered one of the oldest and most famous scattering object tools in the CGI market. It has the ability to scatter millions of pants and vegetation in a parametric way.

RailClone is an artist-friendly parametric modeling tool for 3DS Max as it can create and use sophisticated assets.

IToosoft is a 3D software developing company founded in 1999 in Cádiz, southern Spain. The creators of Forest Pack and RailClone, are top-ranked plugins for Autodesk 3DS Max with a wide range of applications in ArchViz, VFX, and games. IToosoft team is constantly working hard to develop clever and productive tools that make 3D artists' life easier.