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Wednesday, November 10th, 2021: 3D Community News 

Act-3D - Released Lumion 12.0

Act-3D has recently released Lumion 12.0, a real-time architectural visualization software.

Lumion is a visualization software made for architects. No matter your experience with rendering, Lumion helps you create a story for your design that inspires and captivate the viewer in an atmospheric and emotional mood.

What is new about Lumion 12.0:

  • Adding a volumetric spotlight effect.
  • New surface decal system to the Pro users.
  • Option to set the color temperatures of lights in Kelvin for Standard users.
  • New displaying international license plates on 3D cars within a scene.
  • And many more…

Lumion was first introduced to the architecture community in 2010, and over a decade, it’s one of the three most widely used arch viz software that creates renders in near real-time. You can get the standard edition of Lumion for €1,499 and the Pro one for €2,999.

Check out this 3-minutes video for Lumion 12.0 below:

Act-3D is a software development company founded in 2001 in Sassenheim, ZH, Netherlands, famous for developing one of the three most used software in the architectural visualization industry, Lumion.