Wednesday, June 1st, 2022: 3D Community News

3D-Kstudio – How to Create and Customize PBR Materials Template

3D-KStudio released its latest Project Manager update 3.18 for 3DS Max which features a new way to easily create Physical based Rendering Materials (PBR).

Project Manager is a plugin for automating the project’s creation structure. It can minimize the routine work associated with resource management and increase your time for more interesting and creative tasks. 

Some of the new features in Project Manager update 3.18 are:

  • Create PBR materials from Substance SBSAR files and images with better default settings.
  • Supporting “Corona Physical Mtl” which can create PBR materials from Substance SBSAR files and images as well.
  • Featuring the ability to customize name masks for creating PBR materials from images.
  • More flexibility in PBR materials customization.
  • Bulk-change texture size.
  • Can change texture size to create a substance map.
  • Reuse categories from replaced material to the new one with more fixes. 

Enjoy watching this new explanatory video below


Project Manager is offered by 3D-KStudio for 60 USD / one machine only, but it also offers one additional license for the first purchase in order to support Freelancers and small studios.

3D-KStudio offers the best set of plugins for managing assets for 3DS Max. Many studios and freelancers worldwide use Project Manager for many different tasks, from designing architecture and interiors to creating a game level and working on a 3D movie scene.