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3D Community News | Miércoles, 08 Mayo 2024
Nuno Silva - Increase Realism Of 3D Images With Magnific AI

Nuno Silva and Vasilis Koutlis prepared a video tutorial showing how to increase the realism of a 3D Image using Magnific AI and Photoshop. Enjoy!

This quick tutorial will show you how your renders can go from a simple everyday render to an almost real photo with AI post-production using MagnificAI and its two main features, upscale and style transfer.

Magnific AI is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to upscale and enhance images. It can significantly increase an image's resolution while adding details and even following your creative prompts. For instance, you could take a blurry photo and have Magnific AI sharpen it, potentially adding more background details based on your instructions.

00:00 Introduction
00:17 Project Reveal
00:27 Magnific AI Tool
00:37 How to Use Upscale
06:41 How to Use Style Transfer.

Watch the video below and explore this amazing tool:

Nuno Silva is a Portugal-based 3d artist and content creator dedicated to helping artists across the internet.

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