3D Community News | Martes, 05 Diciembre 2023
Changsoo Eun - 3ds Max 2024.2 New Conform Modifier Sizzle

The smarter way to render and manage scenes is using the new Conform modifier!

From an unofficial 3ds Max What’s "New" list (CHANGSOO EUN), we have recently read some identical new features that the Conform modifier should offer us.

- The Conform modifier places a spline or mesh on the surface of one or more target meshes, allowing you to easily customize the model's appearance without explicit shaping. It supports animated source and target meshes for added flexibility. It offers two methods, Volume and Shrink Wrap.
- Embree-based projection provides fast performance.
- Volume.
   - attempts to maintain the overall shape of the conformal object by deforming only the lower parts after it has been projected onto the target mesh. For example, you can conform a flange to a pipe without deforming the upper part of the flange.
   - 5 direction controls are available. Axis, targetHelper Origin, Vertex Normal, direction, Closest Point.
- Shrink Wrap.
   - Shrinks the entire conformal surface around the target, as if you were wrapping a piece of cellophane (the conformal object) around another object (the target object). The volume of the conformal object is not preserved.
   - 3 direction controls are available. Axis, target direction, Helper Origin
- Options offer various options such as offset, and thickness for additional flexibility
- Advanced Selection Output enables the transfer of various conform data as a soft selection channel, e.g. Volume Mode Selection, Missed Verts, Ray Distance, Min/Max Distance.
- The Cache button allows the result to be cached in the modifier to speed up further changes and file loading.

Let's dive into this quick presentation from Changsoo Eun below:

Changsoo Eun is a YouTube video creator with informative presentations for tips and tricks in 3ds Max. Follow him!

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