3D Theme – NRK Komiprisen sp

3D Theme - NRK Komiprisen

Monday, January 27th, 2014 by Margarete Kitel

The creative studio Øyedrops rendered an theme for a show at RebusFarm. An annual show by the Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, where the best Norwegian comedy is awarded. We interviewed Steffen Sæther-Larsen, Art Director at Øyedrops to find out more about the technical implementation and the process details of this project.


 Would you please tell us something about the concept of your theme?

„The price is a bronze jester and the Ident should focus on this statue. This was the 12th year the show went on, and they had the same graphic package from the start so they wanted a profile refresh.“
„Our good friends at NRK came to Øyedrops with this idea about an abstract stage setting building up from nothing with the hero jester gathering from small pieces into a final shot with the logo.“



How long did you work on this project?

„The whole process from designing styleframes to final delivery was about 3 weeks. One week designing, one week graphic package, super, bumpers etc, and one week ident animating, rendering and comping. „


Tell us something about the rendering process, for example, how long did it take ?

„The ident was 300 frames and we rendered for about 30 hours. The close up of our hero was really heavy, about 10 hours per frame. The 3D motion blur added to this, but in the end it looks so much better than post MB.“
„Because of the very short deadline we had to go get the big guns for rendering. We've used Rebusfarm several times before and they deliver the most solid renders in almost no time. We did compressed test renders first, then when everything looked good we rendered the whole piece.”


What kind of Software did you use?

„The design was all done in 3D, and DOF was added in post with depth mattes. Other than that it was a common comping setup with beauty passes, layers and mattes being imported into comp and levels adjusted, graded and so on.”


What was your biggest challenge during this project?

“The biggest problem with this project was the wish of making something really good, but within such a short time span. There were late nights every day for our 3D department during this project.”


We want to thank Øyedrops for taking time to give us this interview.