12. Oktober 2013: Update von iToo Forest Pack Lite/Pro 4.1.2

RebusFarm unterstützt jetzt Forest Pack 4.1.2 von iToo Software. Wie üblich werden weiterhin ältere Versionen der Software unterstützt.


About iToo Software

Itoo Software, founded in 1999 in Spain, is a 3D software developing company. They are the creators of Forest Pack and Rail Clone, plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. Their main objective is customers´ satisfaction, providing a high quality software and personalized support.

About RebusFarm

RebusFarm is a spin-off to REBUSmedia (see www.rebusmedia.net). The company has been founded in Cologne in 2006, by André Konnopasch and Ralph Huchtemann, and leads the market in Europe. RebusFarm aims at fulfilling the growing need of rendering power in the field of 3D-animation. RebusFarm supports a wide range of 3D applications. This includes so-called host-applications, as well as secondary rendering applications. Furthermore RebusFarm aims at offering the biggest possible rendering capacity at the most affordable price, while maintaining service oriented contact to the customer.