Thursday, March 31st, 2022: 3D Community News 

Unity - Enemies Real-time - Cinematic Teaser

Unity team has released a real-time cinematic teaser called “Enemies” for their award-winning project. The demo was first featured at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on March 23-25.

This demo showcases Unity’s power and capabilities of providing high-end visuals in 2022 for movies production. It includes its latest improvements of High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), new high-end Adaptive Probe Volume lighting system plus an all-new strand-based hair solution, and an evolved Digital Human toolkit.

Some of the Improvements are:

  • A better 4D pipeline.
  • Skin attachment system on the GPU to allow for high-density meshes.
  • More realistic eyes with caustics on the iris.
  • A new skin shader.
  • Tension tech for blood flow simulation and wrinkle maps, eliminating the need for a facial rig for fine details.
  • Adaptive probe volumes.
  • Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI).
  • Real-time ray traced reflections.
  • Ray-traced ambient occlusion.
  • Native support for NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).
  • Strand-based, real-time Hair solution

To learn more about these new improvements, you can check HERE!

Enjoy watching this amazing breath-taking demo below:


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