Monday, January 24th, 2022: 3D Community News 

The Viz Mentor - Free Max Scripts for ArchViz Part 2

The Viz Mentor focuses on how to install and use some free 3DS Max scripts related to ArchViz.

In this second part, he showcases free scripts for camera management, a guide on how to install and use them to make a smarter and faster workflow.

Some of the scripts are:

  • Lock Cameras. Locking cameras to avoid an accidental move of them.
  • Manage Cameras. Switching, changing the aspect ratio of each camera, and more.
  • Batch Render Cameras. Auto Batch render without assigning a path on each camera.
  • Select By Material. An easy way to select by material without opening other windows.
  • Turn To Instance. Convert lights, cameras, shapes, or geometry from unique to instance.

There is also an extra Tip on how to easily find the location of a freshly installed script in Customize User Interface.

Enjoy watching this 18-minutes tutorial below:


The Viz Mentor is a 3d artist based in Australia. He has a passion for 3D Art, and he created an educational YouTube channel sharing tips & tricks from the knowledge he gained through the years.